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15,99 EUR*
Details The Student Athlete's Guide to Getting Recruited: How to Win Scholarships, Attract Colleges and Excel as an Athlete

Student Athlete's Guide to Getting Recruited A recruitment manual is a go-to guide for all high school students that dream of participating in college athletics. It addresses not only how to get recruited by top colleges and universities but also how ...

16,23 EUR*
Details Promised the Moon: The Untold Story of the First Women in the Space Race

Promised the Moon A female world-record-setting pilot, Jerrie Cobb was recruited in 1959 to take the astronaut tests. She excelled, so the doctor who supervised the selection of NASA's Mercury astronauts recruited additional female pilots. Twelve ...

18,15 EUR*
Details Second Look

When Mel Bay Records launched Guitar Sessions, Vic Juris was one of the artists recruited to provide a distinctive flavor to the jazz-oriented label. A Second Look features Jay Anderson on bass, Tim Horner on drums, and Dave Liebman on tenor and ...

19,71 EUR*
Details Reveal the Fantastic

Light Year was formed in 1974, when drummer Zak McGrath joined forces with his friend and colleague, pianist Cornelius Williams, with the idea of putting together a band to play new music. They recruited Randy Sellgren to play guitar. John Yu, the ...

17,22 EUR*
Details Never Comes Silence

Coming into their sophomore album, Revelation ended up losing their bass player, Bert Hall (to pursue other music) and recruited Josh Hart. The album started off as a demo and was also the album where the band felt like they had corrected their ...

23,69 EUR*
Details S.O.E.: An outline history of the special operations executive 1940 - 46

SOE, the Special Operations Executive, was a small, tough British secret service, a dirty tricks department established in July 1940 and encouraged by Churchill to 'set Europe ablaze'. Recruited from remarkably diverse callings, the men and women who ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of The illustration of Colonial Troops during the war.

Size 10.3" x 16.6"  The illustration of Colonial Troops during the war.Colonial troops or colonial army refers to various military units recruited from, or used as garrison troops in, colonial territories.nobody, illustration, view, village, wartime ...

16,42 EUR*
Details Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried: My Life as a Revolting Cock

Concrete, Bulletproof, Invisible and Fried When hardcore industrial rocker and Ministry supremo Al Jourgensen recruited Chris Connelly as a singer for the Revolting Cocks, the young Scottish lad could hardly have imagined the mayhem that was about to ...

11,66 EUR*
Details Tengu: The Mountain Goblin: A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller

Tengu the Mountain Goblin A renegade martial arts Sensei known as the Tengu has been recruited to train a splinter group of Asian terrorists with links to Al Qaeda. The Tengu mourns the vanished prestige and cultural heritage of Imperial Japan. He ...

21,34 EUR*
Details Heirs of the Body: A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery (Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries)

When a claimant to the title of Lord Dalrymple comes to an unexpected sticky end, the cry goes up: 'Was it murder?' The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple is recruited by her cousin Edgar - the current Lord Dalrymple - to help him find the next heir to the ...

16,39 EUR*
Details Hammer Blows: An Alternate Take on Twelve Turbulent Years at West Ham United

The past dozen years have provided an unprecedented rollercoaster ride for West Ham United, both on and off the pitch. Since 2001, the Hammers have recruited six managers, had four different owners, played in three winner-takes-all play-off finals ...

13,22 EUR*
Details Knights of the Saltier: Book 1 of the Order of the Saltier Trilogy

Knights of the Saltier Tom Anderson yearns to be part of something bigger than himself. Estranged from his father, he follows his own path and joins the military and has a distinguished career. Once out, he is recruited into "the Order," a society ...

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of What our soldiers look like when they are entrenched against a snow background.

Size Size of photo 8.5" x 6.6"  What our soldiers look like when they are entrenched against a snow background.Colonial troops or colonial army refers to various military units recruited from, or used as garrison troops in, colonial territories. Such ...

128,39 EUR*
Details Alcohol Education and Young Offenders: Medium and Short Term Effectiveness of Education Programs (Recent Research in Psychology)

Alcohol Education and Young Offenders This book presents a series of evaluation studies to investigate the impact of Alcohol Education Courses (AECs) on offending and drinking behaviour in the UK. Young offenders were recruited from local courts ...